Nov 16, 2013

Papaya in Kihei

^persimmons and dragon fruit

^lilikoi, otherwise known as passion fruit

^I don’t know what this is called, but it was soo good! Similar in texture to avocado, but a subtly sweet flavour.  

After spending some time working in beautiful Steveston for the last while, I am now fortunate enough to be visiting Hawaii.  I am staying on the Island of Maui in Kihei for the next month.  I visited this island a lot when I was younger, and it is so nice to be back.  I’m quite surprised with how many things I remember!  

^Twin Falls
Something that I’m so excited for when visiting tropical areas is the opportunity to indulge in fruit.  I eat so much fruit.  But because I know what a huge impact eating things from far away places has on the environment and societies, I really try to limit myself and eat only things which are seasonal and local whenever possible.  I used to be very strict, but ended up feeling quite unwell.  Now I try for a more balanced approach.  In Hawaii, there is no need for balance! I am able to have as much local papaya (my favourite), banana (something I hardly ever eat since it is so absolutely terrible for Costa Rica), pineapple and watermelon.  I have even tried a new fruit, the rambutan (like a lychee in texture, but an almost lemony or pear-ish flavour).  

^ The famous Mama’s Restaurant

I am here with my parents so we have also been going to some very nice restaurants that I probably would not go to if I was on my own.  We also have been barbecuing a lot and I have had many green smoothies… and a Costco hot dog.

Nov 1, 2013

German Potato Salad

Ever since my Opa passed a few years ago I have made an extra point to spend time with my Oma.  I have spent a lot of time in her house for as long as I can remember.  It always brings back happy memories to visit her and the area is beautiful.  While visiting my Oma I always try to get recipes from her.  This proves difficult since in typical grandmother fashion she doesn’t measure.  One of my favourite things she makes is potato salad.  She has two varieties, and this one is her preferred and easier one.  It is vinegar based rather than mayonnaise based.  

This started off with do whatever you want and taste it, to that I had ruined it.  But I really like pepper!

Light Potato Salad

Here are some loose instructions.  Rinse and scrub your potatoes.  Cover and boil them in a pot, being careful not to over cook.  They should be able to be pierced with a fork, but not crumbly.  Allow the potatoes to cool enough to be handled, and then peel the skin.  Slice the potatoes as thinly as possible and add to a large bowl.  Add canola oil, white vinegar, salt, freshly ground pepper, green onions and parsley to taste.  It is best to add enough so that there is a mild flavour, and then wait for the flavours to soak in and meld before adding more.  

So, some tips:
Keep the potato skins, some of the potato, and fry in a pan with some onion and butter.  
The salad must be kept and served cold.
The potato pieces should be sliced as thinly as possible.
Yukon golds are preferred, but any will do, just be careful not to overcook them so that they can stay together.
The salad must sit for at least 2 hours for good flavour, and up to over night.  It will also keep for a few days in the fridge.  

Sep 3, 2013

Back home to the west coast

George has been visiting me in BC for the past few weeks now. And Im so tired! Its been great though.  Ive been able to show him some of my favourite things in the world, and convinced him that I really wasn’t exaggerating when I talked about my home incessantly for the last year.  His trip out here has also been a great excuse for me to do some things which have been on my bucket list for the past four years while I was wasting away in Montreal (hah).  



^summer baking


image^ visiting Aliya in Point Robers. Her and her mom are amazing cooks and I love spending time with them! Yay for Capricorn girls.

^ a lovely day and night spent in Vancouver.



^ stopping by (killing george) at the Chief on the way to Whistler


image^ I’ve never been up the Peak chair at Whistler in the summer, it was so beautiful. Normally its too cold there for me to take proper pictures!

^ obligatory visit to the Aquarium. I have no idea the last time that I went there! I think they did a very good job of bringing attention to a lot of the important issues that I touched upon while doing my undergraduate degree in Environment and Geography.

George and I have also spent a good amount of time at my favourite place, Kawkawa Lake. Im so sad that summer is coming to an end, and that George and I have less than 2 weeks to experience as much more as we can!

Aug 7, 2013




Back in British Columbia, I have been eating A LOT of blueberries.  Last summer one of the worst things about not coming home was definitely missing the blueberry season out here.  This summer I had to make up for that.  




This recipe is heavy on the corn flour, and light on the sugar, making it only slightly sweet, but full of texture.  It lends itself well to breakfast, lunch, or dessert.  If you have as many blueberries in your house as I do, you could double the amount added in this recipe.  I halved the sugar, so if you want to make more of a dessert, double it back to the original amount. I also upped the lemon and vanilla, used greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and replaced half of the all purpose flour with whole wheat.  I also halved the amount of streusel (mistakenly), and found it to be plenty for my tastes.  Below is the original amount.

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