Oct 10, 2014

Settling in

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.  Within the first few days of arriving in Montreal I had three job interviews, was offered all three positions, and already had two part time jobs.  I’ve only had three days off since arriving! On top of trying to find a permanent apartment, setting up a bank account, stupid Quebec hurdles.. etc etc blah blah.  

I was so surprised about the job offers.  I was really afraid I wasn’t going to get any jobs in Montreal because of my lack of French.  I also haven’t had much experience with interviews, although in August I had a few over Skype.  I ended up taking the first job I was offered, but it was a tough decision.  I’m now a Customer Service Representative at Empire Clothing.  The location is great, literally steps from the Rosemont metro station, and so far the people are friendly.  I also found out I get off 30 minutes early on Fridays! The little joys.  

Unfortunately my busy work schedule and the shorter daylight hours has meant I haven’t been able to get any good photographs of my food.  But I have been cooking, a lot.  My work is just a couple of stations from Jean-Talon Market, one of my favourite places in Montreal.  The deals on tomatoes, apples and peppers have been amazing.  I’ve already made my recipe for roasted peppers twice!

Sep 15, 2014

I’m moving back to Montreal tomorrow.  After putting it off for as long as I possibly could, it’s time to go back and stop doing long distance with my boyfriend.  I will be very busy doing interviews and continuing my job search, and I really hope that the weather doesn’t shock me too much.  It was an amazing year of travelling and getting to know B.C. like I never did before.   But I can tell that I am starting to get complacent in my need for adventure, and long distance is taking its toll.  In Montreal I hope to keep busy with work, getting a different type of real-life-experience.  I will continue to freelance ski instruct, find a local yoga studio, and was looking into taking some Salsa lessons! And of course, I will start blogging about my cooking again.  Wish me luck!

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