Sep 15, 2014

I’m moving back to Montreal tomorrow.  After putting it off for as long as I possibly could, it’s time to go back and stop doing long distance with my boyfriend.  I will be very busy doing interviews and continuing my job search, and I really hope that the weather doesn’t shock me too much.  It was an amazing year of travelling and getting to know B.C. like I never did before.   But I can tell that I am starting to get complacent in my need for adventure, and long distance is taking its toll.  In Montreal I hope to keep busy with work, getting a different type of real-life-experience.  I will continue to freelance ski instruct, find a local yoga studio, and was looking into taking some Salsa lessons! And of course, I will start blogging about my cooking again.  Wish me luck!

Sep 8, 2014


My first try at whatever that is!^

To help you get the less is more goal when packing, here are some tips for packing.

Bring button down shirts. Wear normally, or as a layering piece or cardigan.

Bring a scarf or sarong type thing. Or a couple. The trick is to get them to be large, but thin and light. This way it offers more versatility. It could be a skirt, a wrap, a shawl, something to lay on, or just a regular scarf! It transitions really well from layering when youre travelling in colder areas to using it as a beach cover up or top in hotter climates. It can also be a blanket for your train or plane ride!

Try to bring clothes, especially socks and underwear, that dry quickly. I only brought 3 pairs of socks and 7 pairs of underwear on my 2 month trip. To make washing in the sink easier my socks and underwear all dried incredibly quickly! Also, bring some little hooks/string.

Pack separates. Combining your tops and bottoms (as well as button up shirts and scarves!) in different ways can allow you to go a very long time without wearing the exact same thing. I found it very satisfying to see how long I could go without repeating haha! It was also fun to wear unique things together that I normally wouldn’t think of doing, but that worked well. Try to make it so the colours and styles of what your bringing goes with as much as possible. If something you want only goes with one or two other things dont bother bringing it. I also found, since I love dresses and wanted to pack more than I did last time, that I loved wearing a dress with a loose fitting long sleeve shirt over top and tights. Which brings me to my next point.

Bring tights! They are surprisingly warm, weigh nothing, take up hardly any room, and dry very very fast. They’re also great in the rain since they dry so fast and stretch, way better than getting caught in jeans in a rain storm. I packed dresses and shorts that could be worn in Greece plain or in Paris with tights and a jacket. It was also really easy to change up an outfit. I brought two pairs and was so happy I did.

^literally taking all of my advice here. good job.

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